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  • Khadija Soula

Ridha Diki ‘’I wanna be’’ : Strong melody but weak lyrics

‘’I wanna be’’ can be classified as a Tunisian song. It is written since 1998 and composed and sung by Ridha Diki. This piece seems to take the attention of the public of the new-media even-thought it is published 14 years later on YouTube.

Ridha, the singer, chooses to add English sentences to his song this time, unlike ‘’rendez-vous’’ that had French lyrics, ‘’I wanna be’’ is a revolution and an addition to his ‘’language collection’’ that he adds to his different, out of the ordinary and unique songs.

The composer focus on the tune, the instruments, the mix between different exotic musical cultures such Tunisian Andalusian music and Reggae rhythm to hide the weak lyrics he chooses. He starts his song by talking about an unknown topic. He did not determine if he’s talking about a lover, himself or his personal wishes. Furthermore, he talked about how he wants to swim, then how he wants to live in a city then about the different cities from around the world that he admires.

The lyrics still foggy even with adding Arabic sentences to it because the Arabic part does not go with the English one. The Arabic part talks about a woman, while the rest talks about a different other topics like traveling.

When it comes to image, The artist did not focus on the visual aspect of the song, he settled for singing in front of a portrait of himself, doing some dance moves.

The video clip was not sophisticated. It was simple, so the main focus would be on the song itself. Giving his public a song with amazing melody by mixing different music genres and employing almost every instrument such as the guitar, violin and even Darbouka, Ridha Diki fails to value his lyrics this time.

Khadija Soula

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