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  • Abir Ben Amara

George Wassouf the legend of nowadays

On December 23, 1961 a legend was born in Syria, the most prominent Syrian singer was brought to life. George Wassouf one of the most talented artists alive. When we talk about George we talk about a voice different from any other voice you could ever hear. We talk about honest feelings and emotions about heart touching songs we talk about hit after hit a tremendously successful career. We simply talk about the legend of nowadays.


It all started at an early age for George, at the age of 10, Wassouf started singing at his hometown in Syria in family gatherings in school while playing with siblings. Later at the age of 12 while he was singing in a wedding party George Yazbeck, who later became his manager and producer, first saw him and knew that he got a great musical career ahead of him. During George's first steps in the music industry, Yazbeck has been there for him and helped him make a solid name in the world of Arab music.

Years later the young talented kid moved to Beirut Lebanon where his popularity grew and things got much better. At the age of 16, George Wassouf released his classic song "El Hawa sultan". The song attained a wide and massive success in the Arab world. From then on, he was nicknamed as "Sultan Al Tarab". At the age of 19, he went on to become even more popular after appearing at the Lebanese TV show "Studio El Fan".

Major success

The 56-year-old singer has released more than 30 albums during almost four decades, an incredibly successful career that anyone would be proud of. The veteran Syrian Lebanese singer released a lot of wonderful hits such as "Kalam El Nass" in 1994, "Leil El Ashiqeen" in 1996, "Tabeeb Garrah" in 1999, "Dol Mush Habayib" in 2000 "Heya el Ayam" in 2006 and a lot of other songs. Thanks to his rare voice, his strong vocals and ability to sing like no one else does, Abu Wadiaa has gained a wide recognition and full respect both in the Arab world and in the West and he is considered as one of the most important and known singers.

Ups and Downs

Known for his unique singing style and his honest feelings, George Wassouf has been contributing massively to the music industry in the Arab region. Known also for his non-conformism and his excessive lifestyle, George has been arrested several times by police for drug possession and consumption. At the beginning of 21st century, he had been out of the spotlight for several years because of health problems and other issues, yet his popularity remained unchangeable and unaffected in because of his music, performance, feelings and words; and mostly because of people's love.

A great bond of love between him and his fans

Despite the spread of rumors about him, George's fans remain loyal, and their love has never changed. I can say that unconditional and unlimited is the love of his fans. In 2012, rumors about his death were circulating and surfacing on all media channels and social media, sparking a stir in the artistic community and in the whole world, people were shocked to hear that. Fortunately, he is still alive. He also won a lot of awards and prizes through out his career; but the most precious and priceless award he believes he has ever got is the love and respect of his fans. He says always : "money can buy anything except people's love and appreciation".

Great musical abilities

George Wassouf or "sultan al Tarab" as people like to call him is one of the most successful singers in the history of Arab song with a magical and crystal clear voice. As soon as he starts singing everything stops for a moment. He takes you with his unique and high-pitched voice to different worlds where you forget about all your worries concerns and problems. His voice is a cure for all kinds of pain. That is Wassouf!

Abir Ben Amara

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