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Ghalia Ben Ali: The Ambassador of New Arab Culture

Born in Brussels, Belgium, on December 21st, 1968 , Ghalia Ben Ali is a Tunisian singer-songwriter, graphic designer and dancer. Moved to Zarzis a town in south-eastern Tunisia at the age of four with her parents during which she first started exploring Arabic music. She later returned to Belgium to study graphic design where her passion for music and especially Arabic music further increased and nourished.

Ghalia Ben Ali sings Mohamed Abdel Wahab

In fact, born in Belgium and raised in Tunisia, Ghalia had the best of both world. Even though she spent most of her years in a francophone environment the multitalented Star prefers singing in Arabic. The language she likes to describe as the language of chemistry and harmony, the language that strongly allows her to express herself.

In her beginnings and as an attempt to take Europeans on a journey to Arabic culture and present to them the music of Arab Cabaret, Benali performed “Kafichanta” with lute player, Moufadhel Adhoum, and percussionist, Azeddine Jazouli. Her first album “wild harissa” was released in 2001, followed by “Nada” in 2002 as a step further to build her career.

Wide Recognition

The Tunisian performer has gained a wide recognition both in Europe and the Arab world thanks to her magical and tuneful voice, her charming stage presence, and her body language which is very communicative. In 2012, Ghalia was ready to make the next move when she managed to participate in the Arab talent show “the voice”. In that program, she made one step closer toward the Arab audience that acclaim her with smile and applause.

Eager to be like Om Khalthoum

Through all her career, Ghalia have always been fascinated by Egyptian music and musicians and particularly the icon Oum Kalthoum, known as the "Star of the East", died in Egypt in 1975 but remains until this day as THE greatest singer of all time and continues to inspire and guide whole generations of musicians.

Ghalia Ben Ali sings Om Khalthoum

Ghalia have always admired her voice, her music and the way she moves on stage. She always considered her as her big idol that she even released an album in 2008 called “Om Kalthoum”, the album that made a huge success both in Europe and Arab world where she brilliantly reproduced that particular emotion that overwhelms us when listening to a deep and authentic singing.

Abir Ben Amara

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