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JCC celebrates its 50 anniversary …

The Supervisory Authority on the Days of Cartage Film in its 27 session, organized yesterday Thursday 20 October 2016, a press conference in the street of Mohamed El- Kames in the capital Tunis. The press conference launched with a minute of silence to the souls of the martyrs of the security presidential, on the anniversary of their martyrdom in the same place that held by the press conference. The director of the festival “Ibrahim Ltaief “ and the members of the governing body, opened the conference by mentioning the program of the festival and the opening movie “Flower of Aleppo” for the Tunisian director “Ridha El-Behi” stardom of “Hind Sabri” and “Hichem Rostom”.

322 movies

This session includes 322 movies divided between short movies, long movies, official competition movies "Carthage Cinema’s most promising". By the initiative from the National Center of Cinema and Picture and Carthage Film, a number of productions of memories and resolutions will be grouped to be in the form of short films under the signature of a number of young directors.

Movies will be shown in jails

The days of Carthage Film will continue its opening on cities and organized some movies in the Tunisian’s prisons. The director of festival “Ibrahim Ltaief” mentioned the most prominent guests in this session like: Adel Imem , Libliba , Soulaf Mamar , Amrou Waked. The supervisory Authority decided to award the Pentecostal Prize to the Tunisian director “Ferid Boughdir” for “Zizou”.

Open Cinema in front of the Municipal Theater

And one of the innovations in this session is making a Hall Open Cinema in front of the Municipal Theater and it almost tracking to 800 people. The Authority of festival will organize an International Symposium on 29 and 30 October in conjunction with the Tunisian Council for Science and Arts “The House of Wisdom” and the African Federal of Filmmakers, to discuss the ways to strengthen the protection of film heritage in Africa and the Arab World from vanishing and disappearing.

Dorra Abdelkaoui

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